SOGAT Conference Programme

Monday, March 27

17.30  Registration
18.00  Welcome Reception

Tuesday, March 28

07.00  Conference Registration
08.00  Welcome & Keynote Address
SESSION A- Chair: Thomas Chow, Fluor Energy & Chemicals, USA
08.15  Licensing an EPC Project – Case Study on a Fully Modularized SRU and AGE Package for Gas Field in Egypt
Alessandro Buonomini, Armando Costantini, Claudio Pupatti, Marco Formisano, Daniela Boni, Roberta De Stephanis, Andrea Bonomo, KT - Kinetics Technolgy S.p.A., Italy
08.55  Planning for Uncertainties in Gas Composition: Reduce Project Risks by Early Adoption of a Robust Gas Processing Concept
Gary Bowerbank, Shell, The Netherlands
09.35  Techno-Economic impact on the improvements of the THIOPAQ O&G process for sulfur recovery
Jan Klok, Paqell BV, The Netherlands
10.15  SESSION A - Speakers Panel
10.45  Refreshments
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  SESSION B - Chair: Nick Coles, Dome Exhibitions, UAE
11.15  Experiences and Efficiencies of a Proprietary Energy Recovery System for Middle East Acid Gas Removal
Max Shirazi, Energy Recovery, USA
11.55  Energy Performance Benchmarking of Gas Sweetening Units
Saqib Sajjad, Bashrie Dias, GASCO, UAE
12.35  SESSION B - Speakers Panel
13.00  Luncheon
  SESSION C - Chair: Cees Brummelkamp, Shell Abu Dhabi, UAE
14.30  Managing Process Safety in Operations Phase of Sour Gas Facilities
Devendra Upadhyay, Sara Nasser Taha, Al Hosn Gas Company, UAE
15.10  New Respiratory Protection Safety Solutions for Sour Oil & Gas Operations
Mohamed Elagrab, MSA Safety, Germany
15.50  Refreshments
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16.20  Successful Implementation of Flare Gas Recovery Systems in GASCO Plants
Jagannath Rao, Rahul Mukherjee, GASCO, UAE
17.00  SESSION C - Speakers Panel
17.30  End of Day 1
19.00  SOGAT Evening Cruise
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Wednesday, 29 March

  SESSION D- Chair: Pierre Crevier, CPC, Bahrain
08.00  Cost Effective and Innovative Emission Reduction Configurations in Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treating Units
Pavan Chilukuri, Shell Global Solutions International BV, The Netherlands
08.40  Portable Gas Analyzer for Continuous Monitoring of Hydrogen Sulfide in Gas Streams
Sayed A.M. Marzouk, Mohamed H. Al-Marzouqi, Mohamed A.R.A. Alnaqbi, Muna S. Bufaroosha, UAE University, UAE
09.20  cMIST™: Compact Inline Dehydration Technology
Shwetha Ramkumar, Edward J Grave, Norman K Yeh, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, USA
10.00  Meeting Customer CS2 Specification for Naphtha Products
Trevor Smith, John Griffiths, Honeywell UOP, USA
10.40  Refreshments
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11.10  Ammonia Destruction in Claus Tail Gas Treating Unit
C. Balasubramanian, I.W. Sheikh, M. Natarajan, GASCO, UAE
11.50  Causes of the Latest SRU Failings
Inshan S Mohammed, Sulfur Recovery Engineering, Canada
12.30  Boiler Tube Protection Systems: Factors to Consider when Considering Air versus Oxygen Operation
Domenica Misale-Lyttle, David Barrow, Industrial Ceramics Limited and Elmo Nasato, Nasato Consulting Limited, Canada
13.10  SESSION D - Speakers Panel
13.30  Luncheon
  SESSION E - Chair: Hisham Saadawi, Ringstone Petroleum, UAE
14.30  Opportunities for 2nd & 3rd Generation CO2 Capture Technologies and Energy Integration in Natural Gas Processing for Use in EOR
Prachi Singh, Frank Geuzebroek, GASCO, UAE
15.10  Saudi Aramco Successful Experience with the First CO2 Capture and Injection Facility *
Abdullah Ismail, Abdulaziz Al-Nuaim, Saudi Aramco, KSA
15.50  Refreshments
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16.15  How to deal with CO2 Cycling due to CO2 EOR?
S. Azzi, V. Gazeau, A. Igwume, P. Nguyen, D. Orzhanov, C. Weiss, Total SA, France
16.55  SESSION E - Speakers Panel
17.20  End of Day 2
19.30  Gala Dinner
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Thursday, 30 March

  SESSION F- Chair: Jenny Seagraves, ExxonMobil, USA
08.00  DGA Treatment of Ultra-Sour Gas Case Study
Dave Schulte, Steven van Wagensveld, Curt Graham, Bryant Lynch, Fluor Corporation, USA
08.40  Lower H2S in Tail Gas: Field Demonstration Results for UCARSOL™ TGT Solvent
Ross Dugas, The Dow Chemical Company, USA
09.20  Validation of Process Simulator Predictions for a Non-Selective Absorption in a Refinery Amine System
Tommaso Rossetti, Siirtec Nigi S.p.A., Italy
10.00  Refreshments
10.30  Options for Removing Methanol from NGL
Justin C. Slagle, Donnie J. Worth, Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc., USA
11.10  SESSION F - Speakers Panel
11.45  Luncheon
  SESSION G - Chair: Mohammad Haji, Saudi Aramco, KSA
13.00  Carryover of Catalyst from a Fixed Catalyst Bed Sulphur Degassing System
Stephen O’Neill, Mohammed Al-Shaabi, Aeman Al Jumaily, Dolphin Energy Limited, Qatar
13.40  Mitigation of High Vibration in SRU Incinerators
Ibrahim Al Awadhi, Ashok Mohanlal Sharma, Khoula Al Mashjari, GASCO, UAE
14.20  Refreshments
14.50  Sour Water Stripping – Operating Company’s Observations Regarding Operational Problems and their Subsequent Solutions
Tapan Mandal, Noora Al-Jaber, Dolphin Energy Limited, Qatar
15.30  “Do you know What is Happening Behind the Steel?” KT Brings Process Expertise Closer to Operation
Michele Colozzi, Simona Cortese, Lucio Molinari, KT – Kinetics Technology S.p.A., Italy and Michele Manzulli, Virtual Materials Group Europe
16.10  SESSION G - Speakers Panel
  Closing Session
16.30  Keynote Closing Address
Award for Best Paper
Recognition of SOGAT event support
Delegate Prize Draw
17.00  Conference Concludes

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