Workshop 1

SOGAT Workshop 1 (April 29 - May 1) - Amine Treating Fundamentals

Workshop objective: To demonstrate the key components in the understanding of the amine gas treating unit including the process chemistry, key operating parameters and troubleshooting techniques.

This workshop is specifically designed for the training of personnel dealing with highly sour gas and sour crude oil. Given the continued development of sour gas fields in the Middle East, this training is invaluable in passing on essential information to engineers and operators on the different amine processes and their operational nuances.

During the workshop , there will be time for discussion of current and past problems faced by attendees. With our in-depth understanding of the various amine processes, it is our belief that the workshop will be adequate to impart a thorough understanding various plant personnel including engineering, environment, maintenance, management and operations. The training will provide value to those in attendance and will have an impact on your operational capabilities.

The training agenda has provided the following benefits to organizations.

  • Provided knowledge to allow employees to problem solve unexpected plant issues
  • Improve the operation of the amine unit(s) to achieve a better H2S removal
  • Improve the operation of the amine unit(s) to achieve a lower CO2 removal and a better selectivity
  • Re-energized and encourage employees to recommit to their jobs and company
  • Directly impacted the productivity and development of the work environment
  • Better understanding of operational issues such that operators explained them more succinctly to managers and engineers
  • Improved understanding of typical maintenance concerns for each section of the amine plant
  • Attendees will receive an Attendance Certificate

Last, this workshop can provide additional benefits via improving H2S removal, avoiding corrosion damage to equipment and production losses due to unplanned events. The workshop is based on 25 years of troubleshooting amine operations and is illustrated by many pictures and video’s. Our goal is that the participants will gain a better understanding of plant equipment, maintenance and processes by participating in the seminar in a very practical manner. Very simple test and checks for amine systems will be illustrated.

Workshop TimeTable & Programme

Day 1

08.00  – Introduction
08.30  – Process Principles and Chemistry
Why remove H2S
Typical Amines
The Amine process
Amine chemistry
10.00  – Question & Answer Session - Refeshments
10.15  – Amine Equipment Review
Piece-by-piece review of the equipment
Inlet gas separator
Absorber / contactor
Flash drum
Lean / rich exchanger
Regenerator / stripper
12.00  – Luncheon
13.00  – Typical Plant Operating Conditions
Absorber / contactor
Acid gas loading
Temperature profile
Regenerator / stripper
14.30  – Question & Answer Session - Refeshments
14.45  – Detailed Amine Analysis
Identification of the common properties for detailed amine analysis
16.00  – Day 1 concludes

Day 2

08.00  – Typical Process Control
Optimal amine plant control
Absorber controls
Regenerator controls
Amine circulation optimization
09.00  – Amine Losses and Foaming Control
Types of losses
Correcting the losses
Foaming symptoms and detection
Foaming control
10.00  – Question & Answer Session - Refeshments
10.45  – Corrosion Basics
What is corrosion?
How does corrosion occur?
Preventing corrosion
Identifying corrosion
Case studies
12.30  – Luncheon
13.30  – Heat Stable Salts and Degradation
HSAS: heat stable amine salts
HSAS formation and degradation
HSAS management
Types of degradation
Degradation remedies
15.00  – Question & Answer Session - Refeshments
16.00  – Day 2 concludes

Day 3

08.00  – Troubleshooting
Review of various troubleshooting case studies
09.00  – Filtration selection and application
Types of filters
Benefit of filtration
Case studies
12.00  – Award of Certificates and Workshop concludes

Workshop Leader

Egbert van Hoorn – Gas Treating Specialist, SRE

Mr. van Hoorn has spent almost his entire career of 35 years in the technical support and troubleshooting of Amine units, Sour Water Strippers, Sulfur Recovery Units and Claus Tailgas Treating Units for a variety of companies serving customers worldwide. He developed very successful training seminars for Amine and SWS as well as for SRU that he has presented more than 100 times.

Egbert joined SRE in 2015, as Senior Refining and Gas Treating Specialist.

While working at many different operating sites in the Downstream Oil, Upstream and Petrochemicals industry, he has gained sound understanding of the integration of Amine, SWS, SRU and Claus Tailgas Treating units in oil refineries and gas plants. He has expert knowledge on the presence of trace contaminants causing foaming, corrosion or solvent degradation in the various sour streams.

In the Oil and Gas industry Egbert is considered a world-class Amine, SWS and SRU expert that is very passionate about creating value for the customer and is willing to share his know-how in an open way.

Deep expertise in theoretical and applied Research and Development as well as operating experience of HDS units complement his profile.

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