SOGAT Workshop (January 24) - Sru Optimisation, Troubleshooting And Start Up

Workshop objective:The workshop will be delivered by leading practioners from Duiker and Gouda Refractories

In this workshop we will focus on the thermal stage and subsequent combustion stages in the SRU plant. Design considerations and a practical approach on the way we deal with these topics makes it interesting to anybody who wishes to increase their knowledge about the successful operation of SRU plants. Information will also be given on start-up as well as maintenance topics.

Ruben Kranenburg, BA

Ruben Kranenburg graduated from the Utrecht University of Natural Sciences with a Bachelor’s degree of Mechanical Engineering. He joined Duiker Combustion Engineers as a sales engineer in 2007 where he worked on the technical design and budgeting for a wide range of projects in the Middle East including Habshan, Jazan and KNPC clean fuels projects, which are currently sin operation. In his current position as Regional Sales Manager following his success as Middle East sales manager, he is responsible for business development in the America’s in which he supports the clients with their Sulphur recovery plants. Specialty projects he has worked on for Duiker Combustion Engineers include: alternative methods to process sour water stripper gas, oxygen applications and upgrading projects of existing SRU equipment. He is used to say ‘’Combustion is only one part , enthusiasm is the other!’’

Peter Plaizier

Peter has been working in the refractory industry for almost 25 years. After he graduated as a Civil Engineer, he started working at Gouda Refractories as a Sales Engineer and mainly dealt with Petro Chemical Projects. After a number of years he moved to their installation group where he spent 5 years on getting precise knowledge on the installation techniques. For the last 15 years he is Product Manager for Petrochemical Applications. In addition he advises the API committee in setting up and maintaining the API standards for the refractory design of SRUs.

There will be ample time for Q & A and the workshop will be highly interactive and no recording of proceedings will be taken or allowed. The workshop will take place in 3.5 hours


  • Design of SRU burners and combustion chambers
  • CFD combustion simulations
  • Debottlenecking refineries by adding an SCO unit to the SRU
  • Flame scanners, start up and shut down
  • Design considerations for refractory linings
  • Design of refractory linings for oxygen enriched SRU plants

In addition coverage will be given to other SRU issues of concern to your company that you should share ahead of the workshop submitting them to

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