The current Covid-19 pandemic has put many strains on various areas of the oil and gas business, especially when it comes to deriving commercial value from new initiatives with gas sweetening being uppermost in management planning in order to comply with gas self sufficiency needs , especially here in the UAE.

During this phase of self-isolation and working from home, active participation in SOGAT 2020 can help you meet your professional and business development needs and you can benefit as we have converted the face to face aspects of conferences to VIRTUAL Online Sessions.

This way you can continue to attend interactive sessions within the virtual conference auditorium space where you can see, communicate and debate with the subject matter peers and experts and other participants. A similar format will occur in the associated exhibition where Q and A debate with exhibitors will be encouraged . Similarly within the platform’s networking center you will have the opportunity to exchange your views with fellow participants on matters within the scope of SOGAT 2020 and sour hydrocarbon management generally.

In the Middle East region which has the world’s largest sour gas reserves , pressure of demand from rapidly expanding economies particularly in Saudi Arabia and the UAE is resulting in the widespread exploitation of these sour gas resources. Foremost among these projects has been the Emirate of Abu Dhabi which runs a gas deficit of 18 bcm per year and thus such sour gas activities are uppermost in its efforts to meet electricity demand.

However the pace of development of these sour resources has been impeded by COVID -19 so SOGAT 2020 will now be held as a virtual event on September 29/30 reflecting the need to keep this vital sector operating given its importance to infrastructure needs. So within the UAE the Shah expansion and Ghasha projects are under consideration. Recently ADNOC have announced the second onshore contract for the $4 billion Manayif sour gas plant, part of the ongoing development of the Ghasha project and the package covers gas compression platforms, drill centres and subsea pipelines, as well as the offshore gas-processing plant.

Saudi Arabia’s gas demand is also rising rapidly for electricity production and have turned to their standalone gas reserves, most of which are sour. The latest operational gas plant will be Fadhili, which will take 2.5 billion scf/d of sour gas from an expansion of the Arabiyah - Hasbah fields. In Oman the Yibal Khuff Sudair project , aims to tap the Khuff deep oil and associated sour gas deposit beneath an existing sour field to produce much needed sales gas . Kuwait’s Central Agency for Public Tenders has recently announced that it will invite companies to bid for two upcoming Kuwait Jurassic sour gas production facilities JPF-4 and JPF-5 .Qatar continue their plans for the Barzan enhancement with completion the second phase of the project imminent . Sanctions play a part in Iran’s sour field activities and elsewhere in the region the state-owned Basra Oil Company in Iraq is expected to award the contract for the sour gas treatment facility at its Majnoon oil field. It has also been reported that in Egypt all of the sulphur recovery units as part of the Zohr gas field development have been commissioned and that gas production from the field has now reached 2.7 bcf/d, five months ahead of schedule.

The area of sour gas exploitation in Central Asia is mostly around the Caspian Sea region, with new exploration focused in on and offshore reserves in the North Caspian arena and onshore reserves in Turkmenistan’s Galkynysh Field. Russia’s activities around the Caspian Sea coast are mainly looking to sweeten gas with no sulphur recovery. Lukoil has a sour gas play at Hazri, with three wells drilled so far, where gas is 12% H2S. Hazri is still in the appraisal phase, but Lukoil have said that if it did develop the field, it would look to re inject the sour gas , a practice followed in Kazakhstan.

PETRONAS continue with their programme of monetizing and processing acid gas felds in Malaysia. China is also developing sour gas processing plant with the latest being in Chuandongbei. Sour gas production in North America continues to run down also.

The technologies involved in sour field development and production are and will continue to progress and the latest developments across the whole sour hydrocarbon management spectrum shown in the technical scope will be included in the well respected SOGAT Conference Programme. This programme will focus on invited presentations primarily from operator case studies, thus providing delegates with invaluable knowledge and data to employ in their own environments.

The SOGAT Exhibition will see leading contractors, vendors and suppliers for both gas conditioning and sulphur management present, thus enhancing SOGAT 2020 as the international event that provides a one stop review of all the latest global developments in these important and specialized fields.

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