Workshop 4

SOGAT Workshop 4 - Benefits Of Hybrid Solvents For Mercaptan Removal In Natural Gas

UAE is becoming the center of international sour gas processing and treating and despite oil price fluctuations sees no serious downturn in technical activity. For more than 65 years, Dow Chemical innovations have led the way in gas treating. Today, Dow offers you one of the broadest and most in-depth portfolios of acid gas removal products, services and technologies for natural gas applications in the world. Specialty amines UCARSOL™ & SELEXOL™ solvents, and specialized technologies – coupled with the exceptional knowledge and experience of Dow people – bring you advanced solutions for your natural gas processing plant. We invite all to attend a Training Workshop led by international experts from Dow’s Oil, Gas & Mining business who will share with you solutions that address Gas treating challenges and process optimization.

This Workshop is FREE TO ATTEND and delegates must pre-register.

Workshop TimeTable & Programme (Monday, March 27)

Dow Chemical’s Gas treating solutions for Sour Gas processing with focus on UCARSOLTM Hybrid Solvents for Mercaptan removal.

08.00  Registration
08.30  Overview of Dow Chemical Solutions for Oil & Gas industry
08.45  Amines for Gas Treatment in Natural Gas plants and Refineries
09.00  Hybrid Solvent Treatment of Mercaptans in Unconventional Natural Gas
10.00  Refreshments
10.15  Amine Unit: Processes Overview and Solvent Selection Guidelines
11.00  Amine Plant: Optimization and Troubleshooting
11.30  Gas Treatment New Technologies
12.00  Open Discussion
12.30  Workshop Concludes and Luncheon

Workshop Summary

The workshop aims to provide an in-depth understanding and discussions on various types of Amines available in the market and their characteristics, chemistries & reactivities for Gas Treating applications. This will include an overview of Amine Unit Processes, schemes, equipment designs and various factors influencing amine solvent selection with focus on evolution of gas treating solvents and new technologies.

Learn about Dow’s world-class Gas treating solutions, capabilities and the comprehensive service model – AMINE MANAGEMENTSM Program – that equips the gas treating amine systems to achieve environmental compliance by meeting gas specifications, while improving reliability, reducing energy costs and preserving the integrity of assets.

The Workshop will also include an extensive session on Hybrid Solvents that are high-performance gas treating solvents specially designed for H2S, CO2 and trace sulfur (e.g., mercaptans and carbonyl sulfide) removal from natural gas and refinery streams. These proven solvent technologies from Dow offer lower regeneration energy demand, lower hydrocarbon solubility and less degradation than other commonly used hybrid solvents, resulting in the potential for significant operating cost savings.

The sessions will be peppered with relevant case studies to demonstrate the performance of these technologies in real life scenarios.

Workshop Leader

Jan Lambrichts, Sr. Research Scientist, Dow Oil, Gas & Mining

Jan Lambrichts is Senior Research Scientist for Dow Oil, Gas & Mining, a business unit of the Dow Chemical Company. In this role, his main activities include providing engineering contractors and end users with designs for acid gas removal plants in new natural gas plants and refineries, offering technical support and troubleshooting services to existing accounts and developing and maintaining long-term relationships with key engineering contractors in the region. In a career spanning three decades, Jan has performed a number of different roles serving the oil and gas industry and has oversight of the wider Europe region and for a few years now has been supporting Dow’s gas treating business in the Middle East & North Africa. Jan has a Master‘s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Antwerp.

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