Workshop 4

SOGAT Workshop 4 (April 30) - Acid Gas Injection

Acid gas injection (AGI) has become a viable option for handling hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, which are the by-products of the upgrading of raw natural gas. Where AGI is ideally suited for small producers allowing them to monetize small production and still meet stringent environ-mental concerns recently larger producers are also considering AGI both because of environ-mental concerns but also to avoid stockpiling elemental sulfur.

The workshop begins with an overview of the basic concepts of AGI, followed by an introduction to the methods for calculating the required physical properties (density, transport and thermo-dynamic properties) and phase equilibrium (phase envelopes, water content, and hydrates). In later sections of the workshop it will be shown how these principles are used in design.

All of the elements of the injection scheme, including the reser-voir, the well, pipeline, and compressor, are examined with appropriate detail.

Finally, a set of case studies, from both the author’s personal experience and from the literature, will be presented. The case studies will show how the principles presented earlier are applied in the field.

All the materials presented will be include in the workshop proceedings given to attending delegates.

Outline Programme

Introduction and Overview
Physical Properties
Thermodynamic Properties
Transport Properties
Phase Equilibrium
Phase Envelope
Water Content
Criteria for Selection
Darcy flow
Well Flow
Pressure Drop
Health, Safety, and Environment
Acid Gas Injection vs. Sour Gas Injection
Case Studies

Workshop Times
Registration will be at 07.00
The workshop will begin at 08.00 each day
Refreshments will be taken at 10.10 and 14.45
Luncheon will be taken at 12.15
The workshop will conclude at 16.00 each day

Workshop Leader

John J. Carroll, PhD, PEng, Gas Liquids Engineering, Ltd.

John is the Director, Research and Technology for Gas Liquids Engineering, Ltd. in Calgary, Canada. He joined Gas Liquids Engineering in 1996 after three years with Honeywell Hi-Spec Solution in where he worked developing software for process simulation, including the design and implementation of a large-scale physical property calculation program for inclusion in commercial process simulators.

Dr. Carroll holds bachelor and doctoral degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, and is a registered professional engineer in the provinces of Alberta and New Brunswick in Canada

His first book, Natural Gas Hydrates: A Guide for Engineers, was published by Gulf Professional Publishers in 2003 and is currently in its third edition His second book, Acid Gas Injection and Carbon Dioxide Sequestration, was published by Scrivener Publishing in 2010.

In addition, he is the Chair of the Technical Committee of the International Acid Gas Injection Symposium, a multi-disciplinary conference on the injection of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide for disposal, sequestration, or enhanced oil recovery.

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