Workshop 3

SOGAT Workshop 3 - Improving SRU Cost Efficiencies and Associated KPI’s

With the ever-low prices in the oil & gas industry, operators are increasingly having to look for more areas for potential cost savings. This workshop will provide the attendees with the knowledge of the key overhead components with the SRU as an example and their associated costs. The key is to take into consideration all externalities. From this point of view, this workshop aims to help attendees identify areas inside and outside their own designated roles and responsibilities in order to reduce costs and improve reliability. These skills are easily transferable, making this workshop applicable to all stakeholders within sour gas processing facilities.

All material presented will be provided as handouts during this workshop.

Target Audience

Plant operators & design engineers; personnel including management, operations, maintenance & environmental.

Workshop Objective

To give an overview of the key indicators to properly manage your unit and to reduce overall costs.

Workshop Programme (Monday, March 27)

Part 1 – Safety
Safety is everyone’s concern. SRE aims to educate all attendees on safety within sour gas plants.
H2S & SO2 exposure
Other gases & safety hazards
SCBAs & fresh air
Cold eye review
Part 2 – Costs
Here, we identify all the externalities and their contribution to the bottom line
Associated costs of the SRU
Methods of cost savings
Payback period examples
Part 3 – Creating Your KPI’s
Identification of the different key indicators
Data collection
Flags & interpretation
Event logs
Part 4 – Making It All Work
Gas analyses
    Accurate sampling and analyzing
    Third party verification
    Common Issues
    Right type & location
    Common Issues
Putting it all together

Workshop Times
Registration will be at 07.00 on Monday, March 27
The workshop will begin at 08.00
Refreshments will be taken at 10.15 and 14.45
Luncheon will be taken at 12.15
The workshop will conclude at 17.00

Workshop Leader

Inshan S Mohammed, Principal Process Engineer and Partner, Sulfur Recovery Engineering (SRE)

Mr Mohammed holds the title of Professional Engineer in the jurisdictions of Alberta and Quebec, Canada. During his 10 years in the Sulfur Recovery Industry, he has assisted over 35 sulfur plants worldwide in increasing the reliability and efficiency of their Sulfur Recovery Units, completing over 50 different project including troubleshooting, performance evaluation, start-up and shutdown support, trace sulfur analysis, and capacity and dynamic evaluations.

His areas of expertise include: Sulfur Recovery Unit design, operation and optimization; Dynamic and steady-state process simulation; Delivery of seamless, onsite laboratory services from sample gathering, to analysis, to data interpretation; and Instructor for SRE’s onsite operator and engineer training seminars.

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