Workshop 2

SOGAT Workshop 2 (April 29 - May 1) - Sulfur Recovery Fundamentals

Workshop objective: To demonstrate the key components in the understanding of the sulfur recovery units including the process chemistry, key operating parameters and troubleshooting techniques.

This sulfur recovery workshop is specifically designed for the training of personnel dealing with highly sour gas and sour crude oil. Given the continued development of sour gas fields in the Middle East, this training is invaluable in passing on essential information on the different SRU processes and their operational nuances. Further, during the SRU workshop, there will be time for discussion of current and past problems faced by attendees.

With our in-depth understanding of the Claus process, the workshop will impart a thorough understanding of the process to various plant personnel including engineering, environment, maintenance, management and operations. The training will provide value to those in attendance and will have an impact on your operational capabilities.

SRE’s training agenda has provided the following benefits to organizations.

  • Provided knowledge to allow employees to problem solve unexpected plant issues
  • Provided latest ideas and creative ways of solving old problems
  • Re-energized and encourage employees to recommit to their jobs and company
  • Directly impacted the productivity and development of the work environment
  • Better understanding of operational issues such that operators explained them more succinctly to managers and engineers
  • Improved understanding of typical maintenance concerns for each section of the SRU
  • All attendees will receive an Attendance Certificate

Last, this workshop can provide additional benefits via avoiding damage to equipment, fines for emission violations, and production losses due to unplanned events. Our goal is that the participants will gain a better understanding of plant equipment, maintenance and processes by participating in the workshop.

Workshop TimeTable & Programme

Day 1

08.00  – Why recover Sulfur?
Sulfur industry
Environmental regulations
Sulfur recovery industry
10.00  – Claus Plant Fundamentals
Claus / Modified Claus process
    Process chemistry
    Basic Claus plant design
Claus plant theory
    Conversion versus recovery efficiency
    Practicable capabilities of the Claus process
    H2S:SO2 ratio control
    Losses in recovery efficiency
12.00  – Luncheon
13.00  – Claus Plant Fundamentals (continued)
Other process schemes & configurations
    SCOT or TGTU
14.00  – Claus Plant Equipment Review
Piece-by-piece review of the equipment within a sulfur plant
Acid Gas Knockout Drum
Combustion Air Blower
Reaction Furnace
Wasteheat Boiler / Steam Drum
    Alumina & Titania catalyst
    Oxidation catalyst(SuperClaus)
    Hydrogenation catalyst(TGTU or SCOT)
16.00  – Day 1 concludes

Day 2

08.00  – Claus Plant Equipment Review (continued)
Sulfur Rundowns / Seal Legs / Sulfur Traps
Sulfur Pit
Thermal Incinerator
09.00  – Claus Plant Instrumentation
Tail gas analyzer
Knockout drum
Reaction furnace
Wasteheat boiler
Thermal incinerator
12.00  – Luncheon
13.00  – Startups & Shutdowns
Startup procedure
Shutdown procedure
Emergency shutdown
14.00  – Claus Plant Operations & Troubleshooting
RF temperature
Catalyst deactivation
Plant Upsets
Claus Catalyst Rejuvenation
Preventative Maintenance
Typical SRU Operating Problems/Upsets
16.00  – Day 2 concludes

Day 3

08.00  – Claus Plant Optimization & Management
SRU Performance Evaluation
SRU On-site Performance Test
SRU Engineering Report
SRU Optimization
Thermal Incinerator Performance Evaluation and Optimization
Environmental Regulatory Compliance
RATA (Relative Accuracy Test)
Long Term SRU Management
12.00  – Award of Certificates and Workshop concludes

Workshop Leader

Inshan S Mohammed, P.Eng. – Principal Process Engineer, SRE

Mr. Mohammed, Principal Process Engineer and Partner at SRE, holds the title of Professional Engineer in the jurisdictions of Alberta, Canada. During his 10 years in the Sulfur Recovery Industry, he has assisted over 40 sulfur plants worldwide in increasing the reliability and efficiency of their Sulfur Recovery Units, completing over 100 different project including troubleshooting, performance evaluation, start-up and shutdown support, trace sulfur analysis, and capacity and dynamic evaluations.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Sulfur Recovery Unit design, operation and optimization
  • Dynamic and steady-state process simulation
  • Delivery of seamless, onsite laboratory services from sample gathering, to analysis, to data interpretation
  • Instructor for SRE’s onsite operator and engineer training seminars

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