Workshop 2

SOGAT Workshop 3 (April 29 - 30) - Amine Treating & Sulphur Recovery (Claus & Tail Gas Treating)

Practical Operational Optimisation and Troubleshooting Experiences & Guidelines. This workshop contains the fundamentals of an Acid Gas Removal Unit based on amine and the downstream sulphur recovery in a Claus type Sulphur Recovery Unit and its integra-tion with a Tail Gas Treating Unit (SCOT type). The most common line-ups are included.

It aims to provide sufficient understanding of the processes in place (basic chemistry, thermodynamics and mass transfer), the most used equipment and the integration of the processing building blocks, to be able to analyse the performances of these type of units. Optimisation parameters will be discussed. No process simulation modelling is included and these are covered in Workshop.

This workshop will discuss the main operating parameters and is throughout and continuously based on the safety fundamen¬tals for these type of units.

The workshop learnings provide a good basis for operating, troubleshooting staff to define and assess unit operations, and identify and guide new and optimisation projects.

Day 1: Workshop programme

Amine & Claus Sulphur Recovery Process Principles Why
Process Specifications
Process Chemistry
Generic amine process
- Types of amine
- Selective H2S removal
Claus process
- Catalysts
Process equipment
Amine standard line-up
Claus standard line-up
Tail gas treating line-up (SCOT type only)
Main process equipment discussion
Columns, heat exchangers, separators
Reactors, heat exchangers, separators
Materials and Corrosion

Day 2: Workshop programme

Operating conditions
- Amine: indicators of performance
- Claus: best performance practices
Laboratory Analysis
- Amine Heat stable salts and degradation
- Claus catalyst activity
Process control criticalities
- Amine
- Sulphur
Tail gas treating (SCOT type)
Troubleshooting and optimisation
Amine and Claus/Tail gas treating integration

Workshop Times
Registration will be at 07.00
The workshop will begin at 08.00 each day
Refreshments will be taken at 10.10 and 14.45
Luncheon will be taken at 12.15
The workshop will conclude at 16.00 each day

Workshop Leader

Jeanine Klinkenbijl, Consultant

is specifically skilled in selection and line-up integration of the various processes to remove contaminants like hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and organic sulphur components, water, with chemical/physical (and biological) processes building an effective and economic treating line-up. A large library of commercial, licensed processes is available in the market and its optimal selection and integration is key. Assessment of solutions by others is a skill as such.

For CO2 capture the closing of the loop (capture/disposal) is critical to result in an environmental solution, for which the loop comprehends more than creating a CO2 stream, and Jeanine participated in solutions for a range of diverse CCS and EOR projects.

All aspects of design, operation, optimisation and modelling review are part of her 36+ years’ experience in Shell and since, and gained in more than 20 different refinery and gas plant locations worldwide. She is an acknowledged principal expert in gas processing, leading operational service and design teams and providing research assessment and guidance. In addition the CO2 capture from flue gas or other sources has been added since 2002. She is a Fellow of IChemE.

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