Workshop 1B

SOGAT Workshop 1B (April 30) - Amine Treating & Sulphur Recovery(Claus & Tail Gas Treating)

Workshop objective: In this workshop, you will learn how to build and optimize the operating conditions of the Claus Plant using latest version and features of Aspen Hysys application, such as converter temperatures and fuel gas flow rates. There are many process configuration options in designing a Sulfur Recovery Unit to meet your site’s needs, so you will evaluate potential options for an upcoming turnaround that may improve the operation flexibility and performance of the plant, help to meeting changing process goals, while staying within a reasonable CAPEX limit. You will also learn to configure & operate the tail gas treating unit to meet the flare specifications.

Workshop Approach

  • Guided demonstrations
  • Discuss factors that affect sulfur recovery and optimize the modified Claus process
  • Adjust equipment parameters to ensure reliable operation with changing feed conditions and rates
  • Simulate the tail gas treating section and flare breakthrough
  • Study relationships between process variables using the Case Study feature in Aspen HYSYS

Workshop Tasks

  • Build a Sulfur Recovery Unit (3 Stage Claus Process): The 3 Stage Claus Process consists of one thermal stage (Furnace, Waste Heat Exchanger, and Sulfur Condenser), and three catalytic stages (Reheater, Catalytic Converter, and Sulfur Condenser). You will learn how to set up and configure the thermal and catalytic stages in the Sulfur recovery process
  • Optimizing sulfur recovery efficiency in an existing unit: Simulate a sulfur recovery process in Aspen HYSYS. Leverage the case study utility, optimizer, air demand analyzer, and adjust blocks, etc, to maximize sulfur recovery while meeting OPEX targets.
  • Evaluating capability to process perturbed feed and revamping the catalytic converter section for optimum efficiency after next turnaround: Understand how the current process configuration fails to meet product requirements (in terms of recovery/spec) when changing feed slates. Evaluate potential revamp work or new configurations that will help to meet processing goals.
  • Simulating the tail gas treating section and meeting flare specifica¬tions: Configure the tail gas treating unit to meet flare specifications using rigorous modeling. Adjust incinerator operating parameters to meet flare specifications

Workshop Leader

Mr. Nageswararao Kesanapalle, Aspentech

is a Postgraduate in Process Engineering and has 15 Years of experience in Process Engineering, Process Modeling and area of expertise include Process Engineering Suite Products Aspen Plus, Hysys (Upstream & Refining), Batch Process Modeling etc. Currently works as Principle business consultant at Aspentech. He has delivered about 200 Public Trainings with in AspenTech. He holds a Masters in Process Engineering from Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (Germany) and a Chemical Engineering degree from Madras University (India).

Prerequisites: You should be familiar with Aspen HYSYS Steady State or basic usage of Hysys

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Workshop Times
Registration will be at 07.00
The workshop will begin at 08.00 each day
Refreshments will be taken at 10.10 and 14.45
Luncheon will be taken at 12.15
The workshop will conclude at 16.00 each day

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